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The loom scam

You will lose money on the loom scheme!

There appears to be a revived pyramid scheme in Australia called the 'loom'. I've seen it pop up in Facebook feeds and Instagram feeds and it is unfortunately capturing the attention of some people who appear to be of the view they can 'make' money from the loom scheme or ...
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Personal Service court documents serve claim

Personal Service of Court Documents

To start legal proceedings it is necessary to do 2 things: 1. File a claim or application naming another person or entity as the Defendant or Respondent; and 2. Personally serve that filed claim or application on that person or entity you want to make your claim against. There are ...
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documents disclosure discovery

What do I have to Disclose?

If you are party to civil litigation proceedings then at some point along the way you will have to provide the other party with a 'disclosure' of documents. For more information on when that occurs see our dedicated civil litigation page. What does disclosure mean? You have a positive duty ...
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Sale contract car privately second hand private purchase

Are you selling a car privately and want a FREE sale contract?

We deal with a number of client issues surrounding the purchase of cars and other motor vehicles privately, after things have gone wrong. When selling a car privately you don't need to provide any assurance that the car is in good condition or will work.  Whilst there might be a ...
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proving your case in court what evidence blance of probabilities

How do I prove my case?

There are some very important and fundamental differences in the way that the law treats criminal cases in contrast to civil cases.  In particular, there is a stark difference to the burden (or onus) of proof and the standard of proof, that must be met. What does it mean? The ...
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dog bites attacks vet bills claim

Claims for Dog Bites and Dog Attacks

There appears to be a growing number of incidents involving dogs or other pets or animals causing damage to property in Queensland. It is important to remember that a pet is considered, at law, to be a persons property.  So if a dog were to attack your dog causing damage ...
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lemon car purchase what to do

Have you bought a Lemon Car?

We deal with a number of client issues surrounding cars and other motor vehicles after they have repeatedly broken down and spent more time being fixed and off the road than on it.  Such cars are commonly known as a 'lemons'. When the vehicle is new or nearly new, the ...
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going to court go legal proceedings

Should I go to court?

The million dollar question asked by almost every client we have.  Nobody wants to go to court and lose! The same is true of lawyers who go to court.  I can personally attest to the awful feeling that you get as a lawyer when a clients court case has ended ...
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no win no fee explained what is it

What is No Win No Fee?

If you think you have a claim against somebody then it is inevitable that you’ll wonder if a lawyer will do your legal work for you on a 'no win no fee' basis or a speculative basis. Whilst these arrangements are usually offered in conjunction with personal injury claims, we ...
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debt collection collect collector debts lawyer

Should I use a debt collector or lawyer?

Our dedicated page on the collection of debts provides relevant information on the best processes and procedures to adopt in the effective debt collection. A question we often get asked is if a person should just use a debt collector to collect a debt and not bother using a lawyer ...
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legal work sunshine coast lawsuit

What legal work do you actually do?

We meet at a BBQ and you ask me what I do for work....I'm a lawyer I say and you ask... what sort of law do you do?... civil litigation I tell you flippantly... erm what's that?... you ask.... understandably! Civil litigation is a general term lawyers use to describe ...
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legal costs charges how billed

Ten questions to ask about legal costs

In 2013, the Legal Services Commission published a document aimed at consumers to encourage them to raise the issue of legal costs with lawyers and be better informed about the basis upon which you will engage (and pay for) a lawyer. Here is a link to the publication 'Ten questions ...
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lawyer engage need find a lawyer

Do I really need a lawyer?

If you are asking yourself this question, then I think what you need is to change your frame of mind. A lawyer is a service provider like any other profession. Lawyers work within a set of rules and regulations day in day out and have established experience of dealing with ...
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