Celebrating Pride in Law

I recently found out about a fairly new not-for-profit organisation called Pride in Law which aims to bring awareness to the need for all of us to think about the way in which we treat our colleagues, peers and clients who might not fit the same mould as you or I.

It’s a networking association that helps to link the LGBTIQ+ legal community and their allies with one another.

In my mind, there is no doubting that the legal profession is in need of a bit of help shifting its focus from traditional norms to a more inclusive and non-biased thinking; which should come more naturally to all lawyers anyway!

I admit that the shift is going to be hard given the entrenched bias of gender, sexuality and culture contained in the very laws we are to use every day.  Couple that with legislators that are too narrow minded or brave enough to make the necessary changes to cause a shift without securing their own career incentives and we have an uphill battle.

I therefore commend the initiative of the Pride in Law Association, have joined as a member myself, and encourage anyone wanting to help push this agenda to do the same.

You can find more details about the initiative on the website www.prideinlaw.org