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We will aim to contact you within 24 Hours. If your enquiry is urgent, please call us.

What should I expect at a free initial consultation?

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your issue and give you some free legal advice.

Most of the issues we deal with include complex scenarios of either personal relationships or business ties.  It won’t be possible for you to provide us with a detailed explanation of every issue you may have.  We expect a brief history of the dispute or how you found yourself in the situation you now require legal advice upon.

The free consultation is an opportunity to meet with us so that we can get a brief understanding of the type of dispute that you have and whether or not we would be able to assist you.

You should use the opportunity to ask questions of us.  Ensure that you are comfortable with us and our ability to deal with your dispute.  Trusting your lawyer is fundamental to getting legal advice.  We always feel it best to meet someone in person to build a trusting relationship.

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We set aside a certain time slot each week to offer initial free consultations to accommodate as many people as possible.  Please be mindful that we try to keep these initial free consultations to 20-30 mins long.

Free Legal Advice

If possible, we will give you an idea of the legal costs involved in dealing with your dispute through our firm.  We will also give you a brief summary of your legal rights.  All based on the situation, information and scenario presented to us.

We’ll give you our initial view on your prospects of success, if we can.

Feel free to bring any particularly relevant documents that would explain your dispute.  its unlikely we will be able to read large documents during your appointment but they will help giving us an idea of what might be involved in your dispute.

If you want to engage us to obtain detailed legal advice on your matter by providing us with detailed explanations and documents for us to consider and read then please simply get in touch with us and we can make those arrangements.

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DISCLAIMER: Our free initial consultation is not provided as a replacement for obtaining proper legal advice on the full and detailed circumstances of your particular legal issues.  We are generally able to take brief details from you and provide our views on your general circumstances from our prior experiences in dealing with legal disputes.  Any legal advice given is general in nature and we don’t accept any responsibility for your reliance upon any advice provided at our free initial consultation and you do so entirely at your own risk.

Unless we are subsequently engaged to provide you with legal advice: we will take no action to advance any claim you may have or defend any claim against you; we will take no action to protect any rights you may have in respect of any of the issues discussed or raised; and we will take no action to prevent, nor advise upon, the application of any limitation periods that may apply to you.