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What should I expect at an initial consultation?

An initial consultation is aimed at discussing your issues freely and aimed at giving you some legal advice to assist in making decisions about your legal rights, your obligations and therefore how you might wish to proceed with your particular issue.

Our initial consultations are not free and will be charged to you in line with our standard charges.

We used to offer a 20 minute free consultation but found that clients were already well aware of their general rights and actually needed specific legal advice to address their own specific needs. As such, it became necessary, in most cases, to take a deeper look into their situations and ensure any advice given was relevant and bespoke to them and their scenario.

If you do wish to speak with someone for free legal advice, we recommend getting in touch with your local community legal advice clinic. For Sunshine Coast residents, that’s the Suncoast Legal Community Service.

You should use the opportunity to ask questions of us. Ensure that you are comfortable with us and our ability to deal with your dispute. Trusting your lawyer is fundamental to getting legal advice. We always feel it best to meet someone in person to build a trusting relationship. Check out our advice and tips on finding the right lawyer for you.

If possible, we will give you an idea of the legal costs involved in dealing with your dispute through our firm.

We’ll also give you our initial view on your prospects of success, again, if we can on the information available at the time.

Why not take a look at and browse through the legal services we offer.

Book an Initial Consultation

To book yourself into an initial consultation, just complete an online new client submission and we will be in touch to book you in, or ask you for more information or documents, at first instance.

Alternatively, if your matter is urgent and you need to engage us straightaway to act for you, then please simply get in touch with us

DISCLAIMER: Our initial consultation is provided as a way to provide you with intial legal advice. Unless we are engaged further to provide you with legal representation: we will take no action to advance any claim you may have or defend any claim against you; we will take no action to protect any rights you may have in respect of any of the issues discussed or raised; and we will take no action to prevent, nor advise upon, the application of any limitation periods that may apply to you.


Unfortunately, we have had to close our physical office during the Covid-19 crisis which has caused extraordinary disruption with all staff needing to work from home (as best they can).

As a father with small children that both suffer with respiratory illnesses, we are keeping our children home.  It will be very difficult for our office to run effectively for the foreseeable future and I appreciate your patience at this time.

Given the difficulties, we are temporarily limiting our home office 'core hours' to 10.00am to 2.00pm, Monday to Friday for phone calls and 'ordinary' working hours.

Please do not expect that we will be able to address any enquiry or phone call outside of those times and we will get back to you and address your enquiry as soon as possible.

We hope you appreciate the situation we are in and I certainly apologise for any inconvenience or delay this may cause.

If your email or enquiry is genuinely urgent please call me on my mobile 0420 308151 and I will answer if I am free but otherwise leave a voicemail alerting me to the urgency of the matter.

We wish you well and hope you stay safe during this unprecedented time.

Kind regards,

Michael Turner