Legal Advice

Getting legal advice from a lawyer can be a daunting experience.  It should be something every person should think about whenever they enter into any contract with another person or think they may end up in dispute.

It might surprise you to realise that you likely enter into a contract with another person or business at least a few times a day.  Some will be mundane transactions you might take for granted, like buying a cup of coffee, paying for parking, using an ATM or ordering a pizza (by the way, don’t get legal advice about ordering a pizza! Just order it!).

Other transactions can affect your way of life, livelihood and finances dramatically.  Like investing in a business, building a house, starting a company, entering into a partnership, settling a dispute, going to court and engaging a lawyer.

Black Bear Legal can provide general legal advice on almost any situation you might find yourself in.  Where we excel, is in identifying risks of the situation you find yourself in or the situation you are thinking of getting involved in.

Whilst we are based on the Sunshine Coast, we can accommodate any legal issues in Queensland over the phone or email.

If you’re unsure if you need a lawyer to give you legal advice about something, take advantage of our free initial consultation and we can chat about your situation and might be able to help you there and then, for free.

If you think we can’t help (or we let you know we can’t), be sure to have a look at our tips for finding a lawyer to give you legal advice and provide the legal services that you need.