Letter of Demand (Debt Collection)

A letter of demand is usually the first letter sent by a lawyer to attempt to recover an unpaid invoice.  It is usually the last attempt to collect a debt before legal proceedings are commenced.

It is often the case that you have tried many times before to send your debtor letters demanding they pay their late invoice, perhaps even agreed to payment terms which have been ignored.

Our initial letters of demand are an effective way to ensure you have made every reasonable effort to settle the unpaid invoice before taken the matter further.

We need to obtain some basic information from you on the debt owed and the debtor, plus a copy of the invoice/s unpaid.

The letter will be issued on our letterhead by post and emailed to the debtor, giving 14 days to pay.

You can view a sample of what our letters of demand look like by downloading a copy here.


How much does it cost?

We offer a FIXED FEE to issue the formal Letter of Demand for an unpaid tax invoice of $55 (Inc GST).

That includes taking instructions from you regarding the issuance of the demand; drafting and producing an initial formal letter of demand; issuing that letter of demand via post and/or email; the receipt of the demanded amount into our Trust Account and distribution to you; alternatively, the receipt of an initial response from the debtor to the letter of demand, and the distribution of that response to you.

No further work will done on the recovery of the debt unless and until you provide us with further instructions to commence legal proceedings or negotiate with the debtor.

Want to submit a Debt for us to Collect?

It’s easy to submit a debt to us for collection, just visit our dedicated submission of debts page and complete a simple 2 step process:

  • Step 1. Complete all the relevant details about the debt; and
  • Step 2. Upload a copy of your invoice (preferably in PDF format).

Need More Information?

Our dedicated Debt Disputes & Debt Collection page will provide you with further information on the process of debt collection.

If you’re wondering whether to use a debt collector or lawyer for debt recovery then take a read of our article on ‘Should I use a Debt Collector or a Lawyer‘ for our views on your choice.

Finally, if you’re wondering if we are the right lawyers for you, be sure to see our ‘Why Choose Us‘ page to find out why you should, or at least get tips on, finding the right lawyer for you.