Why Choose Us

Choosing a lawyer is difficult! If you are browsing this page then I am sure you have already searched Google to find an answer to your legal problem but have either found yourself in trouble or more confused than ever. Choosing the right lawyer should be a considered decision.

At Black Bear Legal we hope to be adaptable to all client needs. Our style and attitude towards the law is serious, forthright and strong. We strive to represent a client’s best case and put it forward in the best way we can to get a clients desired result, whatever that might be.

We strive to bring legal proceedings at the most appropriate time with the right claims. If defending a claim we’ll do all we can to bring the claim to a successful end. That may mean taking the most commercial approach or, when appropriate, bringing the matter to court as quickly and efficiently as possible.​

We are lawyers that you can trust and will go the extra mile to make sure you make any legal decision with the best and clearest possible understanding about the risks, the consequences and the rewards.

The best way to decide if we are the right lawyers for you is to meet us, why not arrange a no obligation initial consultation.

Here are our tips and advice on getting the choice right.

Shop around

Don’t just pick the first lawyer you find (even us!). There are many lawyers that can provide a legal service and each have their own unique style, attitude and personality. Make sure you choose a lawyer that fits you.

Trust them

Find a lawyer that you trust. Your lawyer will be one of your most trusted advisors and will know things about you that you might not entrust to your own mother!

Understand what they say

Choose a lawyer that you can understand. The law can be complex and as a non-lawyer you’ll need someone who can explain it to you in a way that you understand so that you can make the right decision on how to proceed.

Go bespoke

Don’t just use the same lawyer you use for all your legal affairs. Lawyers tend to focus on certain areas of law to provide the best service they can. The law is extensive and no one lawyer can competently service all areas.

Find a synergy

Be careful to choose the lawyer that fits your own style. Whilst a good lawyer can adapt their own style to fit you it would be easier if the lawyer already fits your style.

They can’t do everything

Choose a lawyer that practices specifically in the area of law you need. A good lawyer will tell you when you need a lawyer with a different skillset than theirs. If they do, they are looking after you well!